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Gorgeous two colour gold pinchbeck repousse collar, set with crescents of black enamel decorated with garlands of flowers in pinks, blues and whites. The repousse surrounds are modelled as shells and leaves, swags and garlands, using two colours of gold, a yellow and a green.


The pendant earrings use the same motifs as the collar, with enamelled diamond panels in the tops, and elongated teardrops in the pendants., with garlands of flowers, and beaded drops. The pendants can be removed leaving only the tops for a daytime look.


Rdepousse is a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is shaped by hammering from the reverse side to creaqte a design in low relief. It is similar to embossing where the piece is hammered from the front side, sinking the metal.  The two techniques are often used in tandem.


Presented in a fitted deep violet velvet and cream silk case.


Circa 1820 French or Swiss

Earrings weigh 11.2g and are 75mm long, and just the tops 20mm long.


The collar weighs 38g and is 18" wearable length.


Case measures 27cm x 31cm


In excellent condition

Repousse Enamelled Necklace And Earring Suite Circa 1820


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