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What Is The Antique Collector?

The Antique Collector is the new and exciting Global Platform for Antique and Jewelry dealers. It brings together buyers and sellers in a unique social environment. All the dealers on the Antique Collector have been vetted and approved and are specialists in their chosen area.


How Does it Work?

Every day dealers will be adding new pieces to their stores which will show up on your daily chronological feed. There is no algorithm that favours one item over another, or one dealer over another. If you are following that dealer their pieces will show up on your feed at the time they posted them.

You can also use the search tool to discover specific items either with word search, or by using The Antique Collector Directory


How Do I Follow Someone?

Simply go to their Store Page and Click the 'Follow' button.

At the Antique Collector we keep followers a discreet secret.


How Do I Save Something?

Just 'heart' the item and it will automatically be saved to your likes page


Finding An Item

Use the search tool to discover specific items either with word search, or by using The Antique Collector Directory, which has categories and subcategories galore!


Changing And Resetting Your Password

Forgot your password? 

Click log-in, click Reset or Create password, enter your email, and then we will send you a link to create a new password to your registered email. 

You will also get a text, with a code to double confirm your identity


How Do I Become A Seller?

All prospective sellers must submit an application and provide at least two references from organisations that can verify that they are a seller in good standing, with top quality inventory that meets our standards.

Applications are reviewed by our board of experts, and may involve audits of websites and social media accounts, as well as customer reviews to ascertain professional conduct .


How Do I Buy From The Antique Collector

Buyers may download the app from the Apple Store, Google Store, or direct from our website.

There is no charge.

The Antique Collector is an Offline Marketplace, meaning all sales are conducted away from our app.

As an example if you see an item you like you would contact the dealer who would make arrangements with you to buy directly through their website.


Reporting Abuse Or Inappropriate Behaviour

Please contact customer services with any concerning behaviour


Do You Sell My Data?

At The Antique Collector we do NOT sell your personal information to any third parties.

We do need to hold some of your personal information, for example your email, address and bank details which are needed for your membership and account verification. These are held with a specialist third party for security. 

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