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This week we ask 10 questions to -

Antique Gems N Jewels, seller of beautiful antique and vintage jewellery.

1. How did you get started in the antiques trade?

I grew up in the business and although I loved jewellery I had no interest in being in the

business full time and had my own career unrelated to jewellery. I came to a point where

I was extremely unhappy in my job and wanted to do something completely different and

this was it. I started off going to fairs with my father who has been in the business his

whole life and it just spiralled from there.

2. What is the most memorable piece you’ve ever sold?

Rare charms because they are so cool and when you find one it's a real treat! I've been

lucky enough to find two of the French enamel envelope charms & two peg doll charms

this last year. Needless to say, they all flew out the moment I posted them!

3. What is the piece that got away?

So many things!! I'm always missing out on cool fobs/seals. For myself, I think the last

thing I missed was an Augis pendant with a sapphire halo at a great price!! I just love the

emerald and sapphires ones, so I was gutted to have missed out!

4. Have you a dream piece to own?

I really, really want an original good quality Medusa intaglio/wax seal, that would be top

of my list at the moment.

5. What is the most significant piece to you in your personal collection?

My suffragette Boudica brooch, it's an original piece of Suffragette history, they were

sold by the WSPU, the Women's Social & Political Union. I love having it in my

collection, it's such a rare thing that most people have never seen one and would have

no clue it was a genuine Suffragette piece.

6. Have you a favourite era of antiques/vintage?

To be honest, not really. I am very eclectic and have pieces from different eras, it's really

all about whether a piece speaks to me when I see it and if it does well… I have to have

it then!

7. What piece of advice would you give to dealers just starting out?

Gosh that's a tough one because I feel like it's so hard now. Buy what you love, pay

attention to condition - that is so important. Buy all of the reference books you can, they

are so helpful and informative when you try to date items. Talk to other dealers and learn

from them, I can guarantee you they have made all of the mistakes and can pass on so

much knowledge and contacts to you. Lastly really take in the experiences this business

gives you, it's an honour to have these items pass through our hands and I think we

become a bit complacent sometimes because we handle them every day.

8. Do you have a piece of advice to collectors looking to add to their collection?

Make sure you do your research and know what you are buying, look at condition and

ask as many questions as you can. Genuine reputable dealers will always be happy to

answer any questions you have about their pieces.

9. How has the trade changed since you started your business?

I have only been doing this around 6.5yrs and I think it has changed a lot. Online

presence has increased massively and prices have skyrocketed which is why it's very

important to check condition - you're paying an awful lot for things these days so make

sure it's in the best condition. Auctions have become extortionate, most have increased

their fees and also there are more online buyers now which has pushed the prices up


10. And finally, what do you love most about your work?

I love my job, it's just amazing getting to own these rare pieces of history even if it's for a

short period of time. I love connecting with customers and talking to them about their

own collection etc., and love finding new loving homes for my pieces.

Thanks so much to Antique Gems N Jewels for the interview!

If any of our other lovely dealers would like the spotlight on them in the same way, please message or email

The Antique Collector team

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