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Please update your Antique Collector App so that you can make full use of our new feature


This feature will enable all Users to search for Sellers: by name, by world region, and by the type of antique they sell.

For this to work SELLERS please read the following and fill in your Preferences.

USERS please read for instructions on how to use

To enable all clients to have a more targeted experience on the Antique Collector -

SELLERS please go to the dropdown menu top left and choose - PREFERENCES


Fill in your country of residence

(we have split this into six regions)

Fill in all the types of antiques that you sell


will then be able to seach by -

1) the sellers name

2) all sellers from a certain world region

3) by type of antiques they sell

Simply use the filter toggle top left on the seller directory page and tick seller region

Please can all dealers fill their PREFERENCE section in ASAP or sellers will not be able to find you in their search. Thank you! Beta testing. All feedback welcome

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